C25k – C’s Plan

Chelle’s running Plan – DONE!!! 25:56 minutes for 4:12k – 17th October 2010

This is from 19th July 2010:

I’ve finally convinced Michelle (my wife) to take up running and going to enter her into the Sri Chinmoy Maribyrnong 4k. Harry my eldest has also agreed to the run.

Michelle is like I used to be; I couldn’t run, I’d be out of breath in 300m, it was all too hard. Then one day I realised I was trying too hard and trying to run outside my physical capabilities at the time. At this stage my capability is around 5.10:5:30 minutes per k and I could run that for 15-20km. Before I started this running regime I was trying to run 4 minute k’s – no wonder I was out of breath!

It’s about getting enough k’s in at a certain pace and gradually increasing it.

This is an 11 week hybrid of the “Couch to 5k” training plan that I put together for Michelle. The light blue shaded area tells her the pace she needs to achieve and the approx’ distance for each run. They are aiming at a pro rata time of 32:30 mins for the 5k. Sri Chinmoy Maribyrnong is only 4k. Pro rata is 26 mins and if she achieves this I’ve promised her an Ipad for xmas. She should do this easy as she already spends 3 mornings a week at contours and 3 visits to Matrix in Coburg- cardio classes.

Updated 1/9/10

For those of you starting out, the “couch to 5k” program is excellent – Looking at the first week (Normally there are only 10) you only have to jog for 2-3 minutes at 7.5 kph – which is a fastish walk. (BTW, I’ve added the pace to ensure they reach their time goals) Slowly over time you increase the kph and the length in k’s of the jog.


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