Is This The End?

The thing that keeps me honest and has been with me since my first ever run seems to be dying:

Garmin Forerunner 310XT – It’s now 2 and a half years old and has had a replacement charging clip in the last year. It’s starting to give me the shits:

  • It wont turn off
  • It wont charge
  • It charges and then turns off
  • The computer has stopped paring with it
  • The computer does not recognise it

I’ve tried a hard and soft reset but to no avail.Surely a $500 watch should last more than 2.5 years? Anyone else these issues with their watches?

So today I had to resort to “Runkeeper” and although it’s not bad, it’s not on my wrist and not readily available to read as I keep it in my waist pouch.

Friday  was Wednesday’s run of 7.3K

Saturday was 9.6K

and today I had my easy/recovery run for the week of 40 mins:

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 7.40.34 AM

35K for the week and this climbs to 38K for the upcoming week.

On the home front, I’m in the throes of building a deck by the side of the house. The last time I built a deck was about 15 years ago. I couldn’t have done it or as well if I didn’t have Michelle’s granddad’s assistance. He was 75 at the time and was from the old school – close enough was never good enough for Albert- he’d pull me up regularly and re measure or recut and he had every tool known to man – in fact if you couldn’t buy the tool, he’d make one for the job.

I wish I had him here now to help me but alas he passed away 4 years ago – I really miss him. He was a mate although he supported Nottingham Forest and Essendon ( I’m West Ham and Fitzroy), we’d often get up in the middle of the night to watch England play in the World Cup of the Euro championships.

If he disapproved of anything, he wouldn’t utter a word, the look on his face painted  the picture for you = RIP Albert



About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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