Upping The Ante

I’ve dipped my proverbial toe in the water in regards to trail running and now I’ve gone the whole hog. I’ve submerged to the abyss without an aqualung. I may be over melodramatic here but I’ve signed up for a 21.5k trail run and it presents another fear/challenge – I’ve never run further than 21.1k and this is on the trail:

Run From The Hills

It’s actually a run from the hills to a winery. What could be better? Except that instead of finishing and getting smashed at the winery I’ll be driving the 2.5 hour home. There’s something really wrong with this picture.

So far I’ve completed three trail runs of between 6.4k and 7.3K. By my reckoning they’re as hard as a 10-12k road run, but far more interesting. Something about trail runs that my knees and joints thank me for.

The same crew that run the Anglesea trail are in the gun – Josie, Bart and I.

I need to up the K’s as my plan is targeted to a 10K and the 21.K is only a month away. Phew – more days more K’s

6.75K’s this morning after a horrible night’s sleep confirmed my commitment, I could easily have “called in sick” this morning but I persisted and completed an easy run.

Strangely the quads were sore from Sunday’s MM 10K but within a few hundred meters the discomfort dissipated.

Next run is tomorrow with Cilla around Princes Park – 3.2k or 6.4K, either way it’s a nice flat track.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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2 Responses to Upping The Ante

  1. JH says:

    You’re not doing this one are you? http://www.mapmyrun.com/events/536607/

    I’m considering it.

  2. No John, it’d be too close to the 21.5K Avoca Run. Although I’d consider it next year

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