Melbourne Marathon 10K

Another week flashes by without any additional posts, although I did manage to get a 7K in on Tuesday and a 6K on Wednesday with Cilla, who kindly gave me her bib for the 10K Melbourne Marathon.

As we parted company on Wednesday I told her to expect a PB under her name – “cocky bastard”, she must of thought.

No runs between Wednesday and today’s 10K and yesterday’s 3 beers, a bottle sangiovese and home made pizza’s was not the ideal preparation. Nor had I run further than 7K since March.
Went to bed at 9:30 and awoke at 3:00am, grabbed a drink of water and went back to bed but I couldn’t get back to sleep. I lay there for ages until the alarm went off just after 5:00am. I’m now struggling to get out of bed.

Got a park near the Hyatt at 6:45am – free parking until 9:30 – yes!

Strolled down to Batman Avenue where I availed myself of the toilet at the corner Flinders/Batman. Standing there doing my business and in walks a young lady who apologises profusely and then calmly asks where the ladies are!

MCG to left – Tennis Centre to the right

I had a white bib which meant I was with the second wave (60 minutes plus I think – sub 60 wore black bibs), so I started near the front as I thought I’d be happy with a 58:00 to 59:59.

The black bibs started about 5 minutes before us “whites” but within 400m we’d caught the back end black runners/walkers. Why opt for the sub 60 minute wave when clearly they do not have any hope getting anywhere near it?

The first 600m or so is up(hill) Batman Ave which is about 70m wide so it was easy to get into some rhythm. 1st K done and dusted in under 5:30, which was a bit of a shock. The next 9 K were full of congestion due to the number of runners and the limited space in some areas – Domain Road is downright dangerous.

At the 7K mark I’d taken just over 38 minutes and a quick calculation in my head reset my target – under 55 minutes. I had 16 minutes and 50 seconds – an average of 5:36K’s. I’m a numbers man, so I did work it out in my head.

8th K in 5:18 – I was started breath heavily although it was a downhill stretch, but I needed time up my sleeve as the hills on the bridges were coming up.

9th K in 5:30 – the hills! that was really tough but I never stopped running – really proud of myself.

10th K and a bit in 5:25 so I even smashed the secondary goal by 38 seconds – official time was 54:22.

Chaos again exiting the MCG to collect the medal – a drink station on the ground would have a welcome addition. Got my goodie bag, the Herald Sun (apparently it still comes in paper form), some dried pineapple and a drink.

Late morning we all headed down to the Maribyrnong for Chelle to do a lap and the boys and I a bit of “kick to kick”.

The weather today is perfect -I need a beer garden to veg out in.



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Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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