Phew! Reset Faith in Humans

Wow, what a weekend.

I hardly sat still yet I hardly had a run, save for a lap of the Tan with Cilla on Sunday. I missed my Saturday run, so I guess I’m on an extended taper with this weeks trail run.


Melbourne is great all year round but Yesterday morning I took this photo on my Iphone and it sort of typifies the crispness of the time of year – and I only live 15 minutes from here  – a bit like Henley without the price tag (that’s “on Thames” not the brand!)


My weekend started with 2 and half hours of tennis lessons on Friday night for Harry and Sam, then Sam’s Auskick on Saturday morning. Chelle took Harry to boxing before I took him to Rampfest where he rode his scooter for 2.5 hours.

Half way through the session Harry says he’s hungry and wants a hot dog, which I oblige and we sit down in the cafe. We finish the food and he heads back into the arena and I go and sit in the car and listen to the Hawks massacre the pies.

I then get that hollow feeling that you only seem to get when you lose something. Without being snobby I was in an area well down in the socioeconomic scale and I’d lost my wallet. I panicked and double checked the back of the car and under the front seats, although in hindsight that was pretty stupid as it would be nigh on impossible for my wallet to jump under the seat from my pocket and from the drivers seat.

It only had about $30 in it but the cards  – oh the cards, where would I be without them? My license, medicare, Qantas, Avis AMEX etc just seems like so much work.

Last time I had it out was in the cafe, so I bolted in and before I could even blurt the words out the young lady behind the counter handed me my wallet. She then pointed out a lady that hat handed it in and I  thanked her. Somehow didn’t seem enough but I was oh so grateful -karma will repay her, although she doesn’t know it yet.

Rampfest then advises that they’re closing down the next day as they can’t make it work financially. I wait until we’re on our way home before telling Harry and then tell him we can come back tomorrow (Sunday ) for the last day.

Sunday morning and it’s swimming with Sam and then the run around the Tan with Cilla, back home and back to rampfest. Work today and then Harry’s swimming – 1k freestyle without notice, he takes it in his stride. Tomorrow is basketball training and Wednesday is a rest. There is none for the wicked.

The trail run approaches and I’m feeling nervous but excited. Nervous because I don’t have trail shoes;what if I twist my ankle/knee? my runners get soaked? I get lost! Then Mr positive kicks in and I can’t wait to try something new.

Bib arrives today and it prompts me to think what my goals are for the race – 6.4k with a 200m elevation gain!! Guess I’ll be walking a bit, so I’ve set a target of 45 minutes which is 7 minute K’s. I have no idea how realistic this is but I’m about to find out.



About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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