Running out of excuses

In truth I only really have one reason not to run the half on Sunday – that’s because I have an adductor injury. It’s uncomfortable even with medication, so I really shouldn’t run, but I’ve come this far and rest can wait, can’t it?

I’ve covered 240k+ in eleven weeks and done it with relative ease, surely I deserve to go into a race without any break in training and feeling good.

Maybe a higher force is telling me I’m not a runner, but I’m trying to ignore it – running is what I enjoy, for no other reason than it allows me to completely distance myself from the reality of day-to-day life. It’s like an awake dream for me and I can’t not run. I hear my breath and it’s like music – 3 strides, one breath- the rhythm is hypnotic and allows me to go to that other place.

Take away the adductor pain and I’d feel great, the breathing is brilliant and I my calves and hammies feel great – I’m in peak condition! When I zone out on my runs and forget the discomfort I’m in a great place; sometimes it feels so right, so easy, yet I have this nagging  pain in my left thigh.

Today’s run was hard and full of discomfort, I even thought of curtailing it before I’d covered 200m but I relented and eased into it and by the 3rd K it was “comfortable”.

Two more runs to the MM – 3.2k tomorrow and 20 minutes on Saturday which should equate to about 3.5k.

Lastly – If I had a house that did not have a fence that backed onto a train line I would not let my children play in the back yard – RIP little one – you were let down.



About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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