Cyclone Sleepover

Those of you that have children over the age of 12 and had a sleep over at your house will know exactly how I’m feeling this morning.

Harry’s 9th birthday today and yesterday we had 5 of his school friends stay over. All arrived by 4:00pm so we decided to try and wear them out by taking them to the footy oval. I was given the task of defending the goal square and had to kick in for the pack to “mark” a task I was to complete over 400 times.

Not a great idea with my sore calf and I’m not feeling up to my 13k run today for fear of inflaming what I thought was getting better.

So we had Liam N, Liam C (that’s how they address them), Rocco, Noah and Hudson plus Harry and Sam. I have never seen kids consume so much food in such a short time nor the amount of drink, it was like a swarm of locusts had hit us. Aside from the fact that the house was literally upside down we had lost all control, we were virtual prisoners in our own home. Noise? my ears are still ringing, they all talked (shouted ) at the same time but somehow got their points across, it was like a whole new way of communicating.

These kids have all come through the same school together and I was amazed at the group dynamic – not one argument; no mean feat when we only have 4 Wii controllers and there were 7 kids! They seemed have a real respect for each other and all had very different personalities. Harry seemed to have grown up in the space of an evening.

We could put up with the scavenging, the mess and the sore leg, but what we hadn’t prepared for was a sleepless night. At 2:15am they were still awake and so were we, I didn’t even benefit from my usual sedative -alcohol. I feel like I have a massive hangover. They’ve all gone home now and even though they are well mannered and great kids, I’m glad to have some sanity back.

Sleepovers should come with a government health warning.

Running wise Andrew and I had an easy 8k around our usual track and the leg felt good, although Andrew also has knee injury – maybe our ages are catching up with us with this workload.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever run again, completely injury free.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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One Response to Cyclone Sleepover

  1. Andrew(AJH) says:

    I chose not to run too! We must be getting old!

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