Planking – The Adult Way

What is it with these idiots? Planking! WTF is that?

I’ve been planking both horizontally and vertically for a week now; horizontally during the night and vertically during the day.

I guess my planking is a way of saying that I’m still not running, although I reckon I could have had a run this morning but I am super cautious at the minute because there are only another 8 weeks to the “Run Melbourne” half.

Eight k over hills on Saturday and a 13k long run on Sunday – chose the right week to get an injury! I’m still on track for about 140k this month, but probably a bit short of the requirement.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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4 Responses to Planking – The Adult Way

  1. Andrew(AJH) says:

    If you want to do either Saturday or Sunday early, I’m in.

  2. morseyruns says:

    I have been doing quite a lot of planking recently too- all horizontally unfortunately! Can’t wait to take up Teacupping or whatever is next. Sounds like the calf has sorted itself out.

  3. You’ll have to enlighten me on teacupping and I’ll be a willing pupil – I love Tea – pommie heritage! The calf is good, for now!

  4. sassydrcil says:

    It’s called teaspotting.
    It is basically doing a version of “I’m a little teapot”, being photographed doing that.
    We really are getting bored.
    My dog is good at reverse planking – she will lay on her back across my lap. Funny dog.

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