Guitar Hero

I must confess that my musical ability is limited to singing the entire lyrics – word for word and in a London accent ( well I am from there!) – to Billy Braggs’ ” Greetings to the new brunette” and that is in a key that the musicians of the world have yet to discover.

After my run today, which I’ll address a little later, we dusted off the Wii guitar and all played the “world tour” – I have the high score for beginners of 33k+ and never missed a beat for a record 104 times to Linkin Parks’  What I’ve done. 7:30pm and we’re still going!

Edit: Michelle has just hit 43k!

Last night was the school’s “Music Trivia” night and I consumed an inordinate amount of alcohol and got to bed after midnight. Five hours later the alarm fails to wrest me from my slumber. Saturday is usually my long run, but I did that on Thursday so today’s was either an interval or a tempo run  – not entirely sure what I ended up doing.

I really hate missing the early morning run but was racked with guilt by mid afternoon, so I headed down to the Maribyrnong for what I intended was a 10k run.

I found out today that the track along the Maribyrnong is broken up by Raleigh Road and you have to wait for the traffic lights if you want to progress. The “normal” river run is between the first two bridges, but I needed to extend the run to the next bridge to complete 1 x 6k loop and 1 x 4k loop. But by about the 3k mark my throat was burning hot – there was no way I was running 10k today so by the time I’d reached the car and a circuit I called it a day, which was a pain as I was traveling quite well for time and the legs felt good.

Tried out the Runkeeper again and today it was spot on, both in time and distance – must be the wide open spaces of the river.


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Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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  1. ajh says:

    Not a bad pace!

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