That’s the sort of week I’ve had.

Been five days since I last posted and have had 3 runs (Mon- Wed – Sat), one in Brisbane on Wednesday that was wedged in between the storms. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have bothered as the traffic and constant stopping in the CBD made for a very disjointed run.

The last three days I’ve had a really bad head ache – I never got them when I was drinking! – day 19/28 Febfast and still dry.

This morning’s was a trying run in the head wind up William Street, but all in all was uneventful until I got home.

I cooled down with a few stretches and went inside and whoa – I felt really dizzy and light headed, so I sat down and took my blood pressure:

72 sys over 45 dia with a heartbeat of 117

that’s mid range of the “low” blood pressure; drop another stage and I’m comatose, although in reality that’s a long way off. I normally have high blood pressure and control it with Avapro, but I haven’t had a check up for 12 months and probably need to get myself back to the quack for a referral to Dorevitch – quick smart.

Oh and I bought a new car today – a Honda Accord:

I like to get a new car every three years and this week saw the old one’s third birthday so with little fanfare I chose this one. Don’t ask me why as I have no knowledge of cars nor want it, they’re just a conveyance to me. New runners – that’s a different story!


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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4 Responses to Blah

  1. ajh says:

    I would have thought 72 was lower than midrange. My bp is normally just over 100, and I’m told that is low.

    My car is due for replacement soon too.

  2. 120/80 is ideal – Low BP is classed in the 90-50/60-35

  3. sassydrcil says:

    A bp of 70 systolic is a concern, and is too low. It either means you were dehydrated or are on a little too much avapro, or probably a bit of both.
    As you may probably know, alcohol can worsen hypertension, given that you have been off the grog your blood pressure can come down.
    Have you had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor?
    The headache could be a bit of tension – the alcohol probably usually takes the edge off it

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