Yesterday was a rest day, so very little to report aside from the fact I did no running, riding or consumption of alcohol – that’s four days straight for Febfast – amazing if I don’t say so myself and already into day 5.

On the plane home from Perth last week, I watched highlights of the NY marathon where the great Gebrsalassie pulled up and announced his retirement. I then watched his world record at the Berlin Marathon and found a comment on the net about the speed he ran at:

“Go to your local sports ground or track which are generally 400m and sprint one lap in 70 seconds. (If you can!)

Now imagine doing that for 42.2k’s or 105 laps”

Truly mind blowing isn’t it?

Rain?? I’ve never seen as much of the stuff and we need a desal plant in Victoria? I think someone has got that one very wrong. Last night I checked the weather forecast for this morning and it stated rain and thunderstorms at dawn. So what did I do? Set my alarm for 6:15am.

Got up at said time and got ready for my run (5k’s as per my new planner) problem being it was bucketing down so I waited until it eased and headed out at 7:00am. Perfect morning for running, no breeze just a slight spit of rain and a cool 13C.

Two k’s in and the heavens opened, and visibility was down to about 20 metres but it was quite refreshing until I hit 3.5k’s where I had to take shelter for a minute or so as the rain had become a blanket and I literally could not see past my cap’s visor. The 1.5k was an absolute slog; I reckon I was carrying an extra 2 kilos in drenched clothing and my runners where making a squelchy noise as I planted my foot. The roads had now become parallel rivers and the drains started to overflow with sheer volume.

Weight: 81.0 kgs

Run: 5k

Ride: Nil

Alcohol: Nil


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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