Too many runners?

There are some things in my family’s activities that are non negotiable – one is that the boys have swimming lessons and the other is that they always wear good runners. I think it was instilled in me at a young age when my mother cared for my brother and I after our father died – all on a meager nurses wage. I always had the best runners money could buy – mum said it boasts self esteem, confidence and made you play better. Obviously they never made good enough runners in those days otherwise I’d have played in the English Premier League! Fact is, I wasn’t good enough.

The reason I speak about runners – aside from the fact I have no running stories to speak of 😦 – is that whilst I have 2 pairs of low mileage runners (Trance 9’s and Adrenaline 10’s) I decided to buy two more pairs – I came across an American site selling the new Adrenaline 11’s  for under $90 US – for 2 pairs (1x red, 1x blue) including shipping – $230AU – they’re worth $220 each here and the “11’s” aren’t due here until January next year.

MRI on my thigh tomorrow and then I’ll finally find out what the real issue is. To be honest the niggling ebbs and flows, sometimes I feel like it’s on the mend and then within hours I feel like it’ll never heal.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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3 Responses to Too many runners?

  1. morseyruns says:

    What website?? I wear Adrenalines and would love some new ones (though I may or may not have some spare ones in the cupboard now depending on who is asking!). I agree with the right shoes- your mum sounds like quite an amazing woman.

  2. ajh says:

    Hope you get a good diagnosis that puts you on the path to recovery!

  3. JH says:

    I bought 2 pairs of gts 10 a while ago, and I still have one virgin pair in a box in my cupboard, so I probably can’t justify buying some more, damnit.

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