Running in the Family

Today was the Sri Chinmoy Maribyrnong 4k (there’s also an 8k and a 12k – 2 & 3 times the circuit) and the first time that all three of us have run in any race, or any 2 of us for that matter.

My pre race breakfast of late is a banana, a fenac and a panadol – the last two because of my thigh. Arrived at the course about 7.20am and there was about 100 people already there. My mother in law was kind enough to look after Sam (our 4 year old son) whilst we ran and doubled as the bag lady!

Harry and I went for a little jog for about 200m and my thigh was killing me every time I planted my foot – I took another panadol but the pain was with me throughout the race.

We line up at to get the 8:00am “gun” and we crawled to the line. I thought this group were hard core runners, but a heap of them in front of us started walking straight away???? There’s only 250 odd runners and they would soon be at the rear, so why not start there?

I told Harry to run around the slower runners on the left verge and I’d do the same on the right. By the time we hit the bridge (600m) I reckon we were traveling at 4:30minute k’s and then a couple decided to run side by side at an excruciatingly slow pace across the bridge Harry in front of them, me behind- it only allows for a 2-3 person width – at the other side of the bridge Harry was probably about 50m ahead of me and still going at break neck speed. I caught him as he slowed and by about 1.5k (I didn’t have the Garmin – Michelle did) he said he needed to so slow down which we did.

Had a complete stop at 2k for the water station and continued -we passed a heap of people and from memory only 2 people passed us, so I thought we were going alright for pace. Harry had to dig deep from the 3k and had enough left in the race to the finish line for me to up my pace.

We hit the line on 24 minutes -gun time so I’d guess we were somewhere in the mid 23 minutes – perfect for Harry and a really nice easy run for me considering my thigh injury.

Michelle on the other had the benefit of the Garmin and she never walked once and finished the 4.12k course in 26:04 or her split at 4k was 25:22 – amazing considering she has swollen glands and a cold – so congratulations all round. 12 weeks ago Michelle could not run 500m without stopping and today’s run was a kilometer further than she’s ever run so well done to her.

Once home I noticed Harry’s runners resembled my head – bald! so Harry and I headed to Highpoint to buy him a new pair – the latest Kayano’s 16GS – On the way Harry fell asleep and I had a teary moment – I felt so proud of him but also so privileged to be able to run a race with him – think about it – how many fathers do you know have done that? especially given our age difference (41 years) I am so grateful that I have found running and that my family has also embraced it.

A memory that will stay with me forever was when we ran up the race together and people were cheering us and urging Harry on – it was such a special moment.

Next race is the Geelong 12k and official times and places of today’s race to follow.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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9 Responses to Running in the Family

  1. sassydrcil says:

    well done, team. Yay!
    You probably should get yourself to a sports doc – anyone at Olympic Park Sports Medicine is good.
    Fenac + Banana = stomach ulcer.
    Fenac + Banana + glass of milk = probably OK.

  2. Andrew says:

    Well done to all. I agree with Cilla, get thee to a sports doc!

  3. Scarlett says:

    How awesome. When I have my family I really do hope that I can be like you and set such a positive example for my children. The fact your son is going so far so quickly at such an age, I am so impressed. And you’re supporting your wife 100% and urged her on to break such boundaries, in 12 weeks!

  4. morseyruns says:

    Go Harry! So lovely to have the whole family out there- but don’t get the M-I-L too interested or there will be no-one to hold the bags!

    • Today was a one off – she does so much for us Monday to Friday, we’re reluctant to ask her at weekends – in future either Michelle or I will run with harry and the other will look after Sam – until he gets to 7, then we’ll have a relay team!

  5. Neil Lock says:

    Really great to read, love this line:
    “I am so grateful that I have found running and that my family has also embraced it.”

    Glad you contacted me over the summer and I have been able to follow your progress…!


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