Finally, some exercise!

No run, but I did get to the gym. Had a 300m swim, a 45 minute bike ride and used the weight machines for my upper body. All very gentle and barely broke into a sweat, but at least I did something.

I am so looking forward to my run on Saturday and will now not be tapering for the MM the following Sunday.

The doc fleeced me for another $60 although he did confirm that I have a trapped nerve in the groin area, though how he knows this without even looking at my numb thigh is beyond me. I can get $34 back from Medicare and I prefer the non bulk billers as I get to see my doc at the appointment time rather than some bulk billing doc’s making me wait for an hour or more.

I have the house to myself tonight as the boys are having a sleepover and Michelle’s in Sydney for three days. Whilst I love having the family around me, it’s bliss without any noise or disturbances. Takes me back to days before I met Michelle (16 years ago!) when I lived alone in my unit in Kew, I hardly knew a soul in Melbourne but I had myself and I either liked my own company or grew used to it.

A “don’t you hate that” moment

Earlier this month a relative asked me to buy some flights for him and his family. I guess he was uncomfortable in the process and the logistics of it all. Anyway paid for it on my Amex charge card – he then gave me the cash in the first week of September – I duly spent it and now it feels like I’m spending my own money to pay the bill which is due tomorrow! arrgh!


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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2 Responses to Finally, some exercise!

  1. ajh says:

    If you’re not confident in your docs opinion, get another one! Did he give you some advice on recovery program?

  2. JH says:

    Think about it this way: do you really want someone peering at your groin, numb or otherwise? Actually, don’t answer that.

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