Club Penguin

Not a title you’d see very often on a supposed running blog!  – well I’ve got little to report on my running anyway. Today we all went to the Melbourne Aquarium to see the Club Penguin exhibit.

For those unfamiliar with Club Penguin here’s a screen shot of the website:

Back to the exhibit, if you could call it that – there is a fairly large Penguin community there, but there always has been. There’s a couple of Wii games to play and 6 or so Club Penguin DS consoles to play. There is also a competition to find all the Puffles hidden around the place (Puffle is a furry little ball and come in 9 colours). All up it’s a blatant ploy to get parents to bring their kids to the aquarium during the school holidays.

Here’s a tip #1 – Buy the membership at $160 per year for a 2 adult, 2 child family. The non member entrance fee is $87 for a single visit, so the membership is a bargain

Tip #2 – Join the zoo (FOTZ)- again family of 4 is $190 pa, whereas a single entry is around $56 – You’d struggle to see all the animals in a day at Melbourne zoo anyway. Plus you also get free admission to Healesville Sanctuary single entry price: $56, Werribee Zoo $56, Perth Zoo $55 and Tooronga Zoo $108 in Sydney – we go to Perth every January and Sydney every second year.

Tip #3 – Melbourne Museum – is free for kids and only $8 for adults – Family membership is $70 so you need to go at least 5 times per year to make it pay – you do get free entry to Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum, plus Australian Museum (Sydney)
Australian National Maritime Museum (Sydney)*
Discovery Science and Technology Centre (Bendigo)
Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
Questacon (Canberra)
Science Alive! (Christchurch, NZ)
Science Centre (Brisbane)
Science Centre (Wollongong)
SciTech Discovery Centre (Perth)

My thigh is still numb and I even had a little jog today in the city – 30m without too much pain. I’m starting to get paranoid that it is something really bad -I just want it to go away. 13 days to MM and I’ve made the decision that regardless of my condition, I’m running even if I have to “juice” myself up – I’ve already decided that the PB can wait until the next race.

At least one of us is running – Michelle is way ahead of schedule and now run over 3k without stopping at a nice pace of 6:34min per k:

Edit just for Andrew and  for us Hammers fans – wild celebrations are in order – West Ham beat Spurs overnight 1-0 and are off the bottom of the table! Spurs are a top 6 side so it was a very good result


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Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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2 Responses to Club Penguin

  1. ajh says:

    We were FOTZ members when our kids were young. It is great to just be able to say, “Let’s pop into the zoo” and not feel bad if you only stay an hour or so, and do it whenever you want.

    The Hammers are off the bottom of the ladder and you didn’t even mention it!

  2. Ha – I mentioned it in Neils reply yesterday – Neil supports Spurs!

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