Replace the title with any word that you choose when you are angry – I am seething, I can’t focus and I need to run.

Today is the third day in a row without a run due to a thigh injury – it only hurts when I put my foot on the ground (if only I could find a way of running without my feet touching the ground!) -it’s not acute it’s more like a dull pain. I could have juiced myself up on painkillers but I’d probably do more harm than good and with MM only 3 weeks away, I want to make sure I give myself every chance of a PB.

I now have 4 weeks of traveling (for work) to compound the issue -this week I’m in Sydney for 2 days, followed by QLD for the next 2 weeks and then back to Sydney.

Harry also missed out on his run and it looks like I’m going to be $900 lighter next month as Michelle is way ahead of schedule and will easily beat 26 minutes for the 4k Maribyrnong run next month (I promised an Ipad if she breaks 26mins for 4k). She even tried conning me into a data plan as well but I’m not buying into that, besides whilst at home she/they can use the Wifi.

Our builder came round on Friday and announced that he’d be ready to start 1st week in November. I found this astounding as we met the designer over 4 months ago and it’s taken that long just to get the plans to us. We are demolishing this house and building a split level 2 storey on the block, so we will need to find another house/unit quick time as our rental property has tenants until at least February next year.

On a positive note the Hammers got their first point of the season overnight – a 1-1 draw with Stoke. We’re still rooted to the bottom of the table or that should read “We’re still rooted” Another tough match next week against Spurs; we seemed to have copped 4 of the best 6 teams in the league in the first 6 weeks – Chelsea, Man U, Villa & Spurs.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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4 Responses to #$%!

  1. Scarlett says:

    I was just reading another friend’s blog who was talking about how when she doesn’t run she becomes totally angry and frustrated. I am feeling the same way, I feel my body twisting up cos I can’t run. Then you crash from no endorphin rush, and feel the body aching.

    I really hope your foot heals up better soon! And look, totally your fault for promising an iPad. If someone promised me an iPad I would have obliterated their expectations as well, just like your wife 😀 I’m a sucker for electronics.

  2. Thanks, my foots fine it’s my thigh!

  3. Neil Lock says:

    Free iPad, jackpot!

    From what I’ve read over the last few months you’ve put in the training so rest and recovery time as horrible as it is. I hate any injury time, and tend not to leave it long enough before getting the kt on again which I think in the past has done more damage than good! Take this time to have a look at your diet and everything else – if you must do physical work look at some work on your core, shoulders which shouldn’t affect the thighs, work on the Plank etc…alternatively hit the pool.

    You’ll be back to full strength in no time and probably on your next run if you are fully recovered you’ll feel good because of the rest.


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