Intervals – week 3

Today is supposed to my rest/cross training day, but as Chelle is off to Sydney tomorrow, I swapped it for the intervals tomorrow – 6 x 400m ran hard with 6 x 400m walk jog in between.

I can’t download the data for some reason – I can see it on my watch, but it will not upload for some reason. Anyway the ran hard legs were all ran between 1.37 – 1.41minutes which is on par with last weeks numbers and I only did 5 sets. I covered 5.6k (+800m jog home) in just under 33minutes – that’s just under 6minute k pace – I’m happy with that as I walk 200m of the interval and jog the other 200m.

Ran in my new runners (blues) today – wasn’t until the 4k mark that I gave them a thought, so i guess they’re broken in or they’re just a bloody good shoe! The reds are still in use although I can probably get another month out of them if I alternate them – the treads starting to look like my head! bald!

Looking at another set of blue Trance 9’s to accompany the latest ones in a few weeks.

BTW – Chelle bought her first pair of Brooks Ariels -on special at Sims in Moonee Ponds for $99 -how good is that?

Question totally unrelated to running:

What’s the use of an election if you’re not in a marginal constituency? Your vote counts for nothing if you’re on the wrong side! Also what gives with the Australia Sex Party? There’s 3 women heading up this lot, but take a look at the rest of the crew – either someones taking the Mick or they have a very lax aesthetic criteria – here’s part of the membership form:


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Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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