Treadmill vs Road

Two posts in one day! Well the first one should have been done yesterday but I enjoyed a couple of beers last night, so went to bed early.

Today is my Rest or Cross Training day which means I either do nothing or I do exercise other than running.

I decided on a cycle class at the gym and arrived 30 minutes before the class started and set up my bike then went downstairs to the treadmills. I haven’t used the treadmill for ages and thought I’d give it a go and try and compare it against running on the road.

I set it to 11 kph to start with ( that’s my 5:30 minute k pace) and ramped it up to 13 kph (about 4:35 minute k pace) after the first 2 k’s. The first thing I noticed was how hot I got and how quickly. No cool air and how boring! I ended up doing 4 k in 20:40 and sweating from head to toe and finished up feeling a little flat as it seemed so mechanical. There is no choice of route or slight deviations in speed or incline unless I constantly adjusted this manually.

The benefits of the treadmill as I see them are:

  1. You set and forget the time and pace
  2. It’s a flat surface
  3. It’s a safe environment
  4. It’s dry!
  5. You can have both earphones in (I only ever run with one in on the road)
  6. The views not bad sometimes. If you catch my drift!!

That said, I personally like the road, the fact that you can alternate the routes and mileage (kilometerage – why isn’t that a real word?) at will and I don’t have to drive to the gym to start my run. Each to their own – the road is my preference though. If I was female, I might have a totally different view in regards to personal safety at certainĀ  times of the evening.

The cycle class was full of intervals and was a hard, although it kept crossing my mind that I would pay for this workout with the intervals (5 x 400 sprints) I would be doing tomorrow.

Also found out yesterday that my mother in laws sister and her husband are also running in the Melbourne marathon – 10k, so at least I’ll have company before the race – not sure how I’d go with company for the whole 10k – I enjoy the loneliness of it in a strange sort of way!


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Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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