Gaffney Street – again!

Thursdays are my tempo runs (30 minutes today) and for some strange reason, I’ve also nominated as my day to attempt the Gaffney Street hill. Think I’ll move it to my easy run day (Sunday) as of next week as there is no way that I can keep the tempo up the hill and as it’s so debilitating it takes too long to recover, so my times are askew.

As I was getting ready for my run I was contemplating doing a completely different run, but in the end I decided to attempt the hill. This morning was milder than it’s been for the past few days and I left off the beanie and gloves. A nice run through the park, down Pascoe Vale Rd and over the footbridge to Gaffney Street. This is the point I see the hill in the distance, so I’ve plenty of time to contemplate it or is it panic! The boom gates at the train station have never given any respite before I’ve attempted it either – seems the running gods aren’t cutting me any slack.

I managed to get about two thirds up the hill before I had to walk – reckon I gained about 30 metres on my previous attempt – so I guess that’s an improvement!

As I reached the flat at the top of the hill I decided on an unknown detour off the main roads – but I quickly realised this was a mistake as I hit the low point of the Northumberland Road gully. This is almost a carbon copy of Gaffney Street hill and as I was at the lowest point, there was only one way to go -UP!

So I found myself walking for the second time – not that there’s anything wrong with walking, it’s just that I like the consistency of running and even hate when traffic or lights etc hold me up -it seems such an effort just to stop and to restart.

I still made OK time considering the hills and I’ve noticed the maximum elevation is 79m – not sure it relates to the hill or not, but at times it feels that high:

Tomorrow is a rest day for me – I hate these, I’ll probably end up doing nice gentle run or go to the gym -I just can’t do nothing!

I usually use deep heat or the like to warm up my calves before I run and apply it to aching muscles as needed. Until…….my wife brought home  – Rapigel – Is this stuff good or what? I reckon it works within minutes and just takes away the niggles. I guess she’ll now know I’ve been using it and ask me to chip in on the cost – circa $20 I think. It’s supposed to be for animal/horse treatment only, so don’t be surprised to wake up in the middle of the night on the Flemington straight!

Lastly – A rant:
why the hell do men have nipples? I’m sick and tired of taping mine up and ripping off my chest hair when I remove the band aids.


About offthelongrun

Born in the UK in 1961 - I migrated to Australia in 1991. I've never been overweight, but I drink and eat too much and probably run too much nowadays!
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2 Responses to Gaffney Street – again!

  1. ajh says:

    I have two suggestions re the nipples. First is to buy a Skins top and wear it while running, no chafing at all. If that is too expensive or you don’t like compression wear, try Bodyglide, it works too.

  2. Thanks AJ – was looking at compression tops in the past few weeks – I wear the bottoms (shorts) so makes sense I suppose – where do you get the Bodyglide from?

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